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Founded in 1968, MWS Wire Industries gained an early reputation as a source for unusual and hard to find wires while primarily servicing the Southern California aerospace industry. Over time, the company expanded its reach both geographically and in to other industries. As the need for new and innovative wires grew, the company expanded by adding new production capabilities with an emphasis on small diameter wires and a commitment to the best quality in the field of specialty wire products.

MWS' introduction to medical wires came in 1976 when the company developed a two strand wire for a Temporary Atrial Pacing Electrode. While there was growth in many fields over the next decades, it was the 1990's when MWS gained a much greater presence in the medical field. With advances in technology and miniaturization changing the landscape in surgical procedures to less invasive ones, the company's strengths in fabricating fine and ultra-fine single and multiple end wires in various combinations of conductor materials and film coatings resulted in an explosion of the range and volume of specialty wires produced.

Today, our wires are incorporated into intravascular ultrasound imaging systems, intracardiac ablation catheters and systems, intracardiac mapping catheters, cardiac rhythm products, spinal cord stimulators, endoscopic therapeutic devices, and treatment devices for cerebral vascular disease.

The combination of production capability, quality, and dedication to customer service distinguish MWS among the options available within the industry. No matter what your application is, we invite you to share your wire needs with us and allow us to demonstrate why MWS is a leader in the medical wire field.

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